It's Electrifying: The Electric Vehicle Webinar


It's Electrifying: The Electric Vehicle Webinar

Watch this webinar featuring industry leaders, FedEx and PG&E, as they discuss how plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) have increased productivity, efficiency, and profits for their companies, as well as what you can learn from their experiences.

Discover in this webinar co-sponsored by the Electrification Coalition:

  • How vehicle electrification can have a positive impact on fleet's bottom line
  • How lessons learned from global electric vehicle deployment can help fleets avoid making costly mistakes
  • Practical steps OEM and fleets can take to speed uptake of electric vehicles
  • Financial payback and lifecycle analysis of electric vehicles
  • How advancements in battery technology can benefit fleets and the industry

Download the Electrification Coalition Presentation Deck

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For more information about the benefits of fleet electrification, read the FedEx Express and PG&E case study.