Telematics survey found key areas of satisfaction


Telematics survey found key areas of satisfaction

Source: FleetAnswers For fleet managers, making the most out of the technology invested in is a critical component of running an effective and efficient fleet. A closer look at how fleet professionals use and benefit from their fleet telematics systems is one way in which fleet managers can improve their own implementation of these systems.

In a recent telematics survey, fleet managers reported on how happy they were with their telematics system. While the respondents did have some significant areas of dissatisfaction, they also reported some areas where they felt they got a high ROI for their fleet management systems. In fact, 42% indicated they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their fleet management systems.

A closer look at both the negative and the positive will help fleet professionals make better choices for their own fleets.

  • Improved Driver Behavior

Over half of the respondents (54%) felt that their driver's behaviors improved after installing telematics or GPS on their fleets. This is a key benefit, because driver behavior affects everything from safety to fuel efficiency. Interestingly, driver behavior was also a top reason that companies were installing telematics, so this result indicates the systems were delivering what the fleet professionals desired.

  • Accurate Tacking Helping Fleets Better Utilize Assets

Another key area that fleet managers reported satisfaction was in the utilization tracking. 51% of fleets indicated they felt the fleet management systems they bought were helping them more accurately track their assets. This led to improved utilization of their assets in the field and better tracking to provide accurate arrival estimates. For fleet managers, finding a system that is known for its accuracy will help them enjoy this benefit as well.

  • Fuel Savings as Additional Benefit

With fuel costs that continue to be a concern for fleet professionals, managing fuel use is a critical aspect of lowering costs and improving the bottom line for their companies. When asked what improvements they saw after installing GPS or telematics systems, 49% indicated they saw increased fuel savings. This is not surprising when improved driver behavior is taken into consideration, as behaviors like idling, speeding and excessive braking drive up fuel costs.

Overall, most fleets experienced some benefit. Interestingly, though some of the report was negative, only 14% of the respondents indicated they saw no benefit from their systems. Almost all of the fleet professionals who responded admitted to having some benefit, though some would have preferred more benefit than they received.

Telematics Experience: Data Quality Top Reason for Satisfaction

Although most fleet leaders (43%) felt neutral about their overall telematics experience, 42% felt either very satisfied or satisfied with their telematics experience.

Fleet leaders who felt satisfied with their telematics experience ranked data quality as the top reason for their satisfaction experience. Data complexity, depth, relevance, and application were all qualities that contributed to fleet leaders’ high level of satisfaction with their telematics experience.

Telematics Service Provider: Good Customer Service a Key to Satisfaction

Overall, 47% of fleet leaders were either very satisfied or satisfied with their current service provider.

Among those who reported satisfaction with their fleet management systems and service providers, strong customer service was the main reason for that satisfaction. Fast response times and quality technical support seemed to be things that the fleet professionals valued when choosing a fleet management company to partner with.

In fact, when fleet leaders were asked what things they would like to change about their current telematics experience, many wished for better analytic and strong customer support from their service provider.

What this Means for Fleet Professionals

Again, it shows that there are significant benefits to be had with telematics systems, but that improvement for both the systems and the service providers is still possible. It also shows the importance of shopping carefully for the right system that has the accuracy and features the fleet can benefit from, all backed by solid customer service.

With the right system and the right support, fleet management systems can bring cost savings and improved utilization of assets for today's fleet manager.

For more details and deeper analysis (e.g. data segmented by industry), download and read the full 2017 Telematics Survey Report

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