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The Electrification Coalition has partnered with to provide the following case studies. Based on a variety of real-world applications, these studies demonstrate how grid-enabled vehicles could make a sustainable impact on your fleet’s bottom line.
EC thecityofhouston EC the_city_of_houston_header
The City of Houston leading the way forward through creative problem solving and a focus on cost savings.
EC thecityofloveland EC the_city_of_loveland_header_03
The City of Loveland on Integrating Electric Vehicles into Fleet Operations.
EC car EC Fedex Header
FedEx on lessons learned from global electric vehicle deployment.
EC truck EC PGE Header
Read about how PG&E is using electrification to save money on its fleet today.
A comprehensive analysis of the state of transportation electrification in the United States and the next steps needed to deliver on the potential of grid-enabled vehicles. The report explores the opportunities and challenges facing electrification of commercial and government fleets, identifies economically attractive opportunities, and outlines a path to driving substantial fleet demand for grid-enabled vehicles.
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